About us


Building on and strengthening the potentials, actions, strengths and capacities of individual families and communities; giving hope, social and spiritual support to the vulnerable in the community through both formal and informal education, and rebuilding social support systems. In its broader connotation, DCM mission seeks to empower Christians to use what the Lord has bestowed on them as custodians in faithful services to their neighbors in need.


A just, God fearing, prosperous, healthy and sustainable society in which individuals, families and communities are enabled, empowered and equipped with the necessary capacities to cope with the demands in daily life and enjoy the essentials of dignified livelihoods, and experience life in its spiritual and physical fullness.


Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM) is a non profit, humanitarian service organization with roots in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya. Guided by the Lutheran teachings, Christ is the center in all that we do, as we recognize that all people are worthy and equal before God and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


DCM – Promote Christian values in people’s hearts to help them see the need for helping the unfortunate among them through spiritual nourishment and counseling.

DCM – Provide formal and non-formal education and training for technical and life skill development to the less fortunate children and youth to assist them to become self-reliant with a special focus on children with developmental disabilities.

DCM – Cushion the vulnerable from the environmental disaster by providing disaster management and risk reduction and rapid response system by providing relief supplies – drugs, shelter, food and clothes to the disadvantaged group of the community.

DCM – Facilitate agricultural development through crop and livestock development to enable food security for use of widows and orphans.

DCM – Provide holistic, comprehensive health care and support services to children with disabilities, orphans, elderly and widows to improve their livelihood.

DCM – Promote cultural exchange between different continents, nations and communities to appreciate the interconnectivity and interdependence of human folk.