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The Director's Welcome Message

Again, the Lord has given us another opportunity to share His love. DCM has been blessed to implement the current project 24 as an effort to provide rescue centers to support orphans with accommodation and provide them with educational support. Although the project is doing well, the sustainability and operations of these centers remains a challenge. Communication for the deaconesses in following orphans for spiritual counseling and progress update has equally been a major challenge to the implementation. Provision for water for drinking remains a major challenge to all the centers. Sustainable food supply remains a problem.

We intends to undertake projects geared towards to enhancing sustainable food security and income generation activity for the proposed rescue centers and also provide water for the use of the orphans in the facility and also for small agricultural program that will be used as a model to other centers. The agricultural component in the project is geared towards establishing simple irrigation systems to reduce crop failure during drought session and also provide for  dairy cows to sustain the center. This will increase the cultivation of horticultural crops, animal husbandry with preference to dairy cows, maize, beans, onions, kales and cabbages to satisfy the proposed Rescue Centre’s consumption and surplus for sale…

Dr.David Chuchu, Director - DCM Kenya
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